Smart City

Smart cities often intersect with regional development concepts such as digital cities, sensory cities, wireless cities, smart cities, eco-cities, and low-carbon cities, and even confuse with industry informatization concepts such as e-government, intelligent transportation, and smart grids. Interpretation of the concept of smart city also often has different emphasis. Some views believe that the key lies in the application of technology, some believe that the key lies in network construction, some believe that the key lies in the participation of people, some believe that the key lies in the effect of intelligence, and some Pioneer cities in urban informatization emphasize people-oriented and sustainable innovation. In short, wisdom is not just intelligence. Smart city is by no means just another term for smart city, or the intelligent application of information technology, but also includes human wisdom participation, people-oriented, sustainable development and other connotations. Combining the development origin of this concept and a summary of regional informatization practices around the world, the article "Smart City in the Vision of Innovation 2.0" analyzes smart cities from the perspectives of technological development and economic and social development, emphasizing smart cities. The city is not only the application of the new generation of information technology such as the Internet of Things and cloud computing, but also the methodological application of innovation 2.0 for the knowledge society.

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