deep water connector

Do you know what a submarine observation network is? What does it do? How does it relate to our little watertight connector?

The seabed observation network can collect, transmit and analyze big data of marine comprehensive information, and has a wide range of applications.

Development of marine resources—Explore marine resources through underwater instruments and equipment deployed everywhere, and promote the development of industries such as marine fishery and seabed energy exploration.

Marine disaster prevention and mitigation - rating and positioning of submarine earthquakes, real-time monitoring and early warning of tsunamis, typhoons and other disasters, effectively reducing economic losses in coastal areas.

Underwater communication guarantee—provide infrastructure for submarine underwater acoustic communication, and monitor the operation status of communication facilities such as submarine optical cables.

Marine ecological environment protection - long-term, continuous and real-time in-situ observation of seawater or water samples to protect the marine ecological environment.

Marine scientific research - large-area, long-term, real-time online monitoring of marine environmental information such as ocean temperature, salinity, depth, current, clamshell, magnetic field, background noise, etc., to solve marine biology, marine chemistry and marine geology, etc. Fundamental analytical problems in marine science.

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