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军工航插连接器 , 物联网航插连接器  , 航插线缆线束

1. Industry overview

A connector generally refers to an electromechanical element that connects a conductor (wire) with an appropriate mating element to realize current or signal connection and disconnection. Widely used in aerospace, communications and data transmission, new energy vehicles, rail transit, consumer electronics, medical and other fields.

2. Upstream and downstream industry chain


The upstream raw materials of the connector industry are non-ferrous metals, rare and precious metals, plastic materials and other auxiliary materials. The cost of raw materials accounts for about 30% of the cost of connector products. Among them, non-ferrous metals and rare and precious metals account for the largest proportion of the cost of connectors, followed by plastic raw materials and other auxiliary materials.


Connectors are widely used, mainly used in automobiles (23%), communications (21%), consumer electronics (15%), and industry (12%). The market share of the four major application areas exceeds 70%, followed by military aviation ( 6%), and other fields such as medical, instrumentation, business and office equipment accounted for 16%.

The level of profit margins is military grade, industrial grade and consumer grade from high to low, while the degree of competition and the requirements for automation level are just the opposite.

For military electronic devices, reliability and environmental adaptability are given the highest priority. The technical difficulty is relatively high, and the barriers to competition are high. Most of the products are customized and small batches, so the pricing is high and the product gross profit margin is high. Also higher, such as aerospace electrical connectors gross profit margin close to 40%.

Automotive electronic devices are between the military industry and consumer electronics, and their gross profit margin is slightly lower than that of the military industry. For example, the gross profit margin of Yonggui Electric's electric vehicle business is around 30%.

Consumer electronics give the highest priority to power consumption, performance, and cost, and the competition is relatively sufficient, and the pricing is low. Generally speaking, the unit price of consumer-grade connectors is below 1 yuan, and the gross profit margin is correspondingly low. The gross profit margin is around 20%.

3. Industry structure

The connector industry is a highly specialized and competitive market. my country is the world's largest connector market, but the products are mainly low-end products, high-end connectors account for a low proportion, and the industry concentration is low.

At present, the companies participating in the domestic connector market competition can be divided into four categories: large American multinational companies, large Japanese and Taiwan-funded multinational companies, a few domestic leading companies with their own brands, and a large number of domestic small and medium-sized enterprises.

Large-scale multinational manufacturers in the United States, represented by Tyco and Amphenol, have obvious technological advantages, many product categories and superior performance, and have strong competitiveness. They have a relatively high market share and control the high-end civilian product fields such as rail transit and new energy vehicles. Due to the high technical requirements of EMUs, the localization rate is only about 20%. The leading domestic manufacturer is Yonggui Electric.

Japanese and Taiwan-funded manufacturers, represented by Yazaki and Hon Hai Precision, have obvious market advantages in downstream applications such as computers and peripherals.

A few domestic leading manufacturers with independent brands include Luxshare, AVIC Optoelectronics, DEREN Electronics, Aerospace Electric, Yonggui Electric, etc., which have certain competitive advantages in military industry, new energy vehicles, electronic products and other application fields. Military connector manufacturers are mainly AVIC Optoelectronics and Aerospace Electric. In the field of consumer electronics, connector companies represented by Luxshare Precision and DEREN Electronics have successfully entered first-tier consumer electronics companies, such as Apple and Huawei, occupying a relatively high share in the consumer electronics connector market.

In the field of communications, the market share of domestic manufacturers is still very low. The automotive field is similar to the communications field. The market share of domestic manufacturers is still small. Among the listed companies, only DEREN Electronics, AVIC Optoelectronics and Luxshare Precision Automotive Connectors have revenue of more than 1 billion.

In addition, there are a large number of small manufacturers in China. These companies are in the low-end connector industry, and the product homogeneity is more serious.

4. Key companies

AVIC Optoelectronics

Since 2013, the company has continuously expanded its product lines and business areas through the acquisition of Xi'an Fujitec, Shenzhen Xiangtong Optoelectronics and other companies. In the fields of dental and other civilian products, the ratio of military products to civilian products is about 6:4.

Yonggui Electric

The rail transit connector leader is currently extended from the original single product "rail transit connector" to "new energy electric vehicle connector, communication connector, military connector".

Aerospace appliances

It consists of connectors, micro motors and relays. More than 70% of the products are sold to military units such as aerospace, aviation, electronics, ships, and weapons. Military products basically cover all industrial equipment fields.

Electrical connection technology

The company's products are mainly connected to the 3C industry, covering smart phones, tablet computers, wearable devices and other products. It is an advanced domestic supplier of miniature electrical connectors and interconnection system related products.


M series waterproof connector, V2X,connector, power plug connector

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One article to understand the connector industry

A connector generally refers to an electromechanical element that connects a conductor (wire) with an appropriate mating element to realize current or signal connection and disconnection. Widely used in aerospace, communications and data transmission, new energy vehicles, rail transit, consumer electronics, medical and other fields.



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