The impact of the arrival of new energy vehicles on connectors II


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The intelligentization of automobiles will bring about a surge in the use of connectors and the change of products, and also put forward higher requirements for the transmission speed of connectors. Peng Shuping believes that high-speed transmission first brings challenges in materials and processes. As a connection Device manufacturers must do a good job in material selection, product design, process manufacturing, and shipment testing in order to seize the opportunity in the field of high-speed transmission. From the perspective of the overall environment, the realization of automatic driving of cars requires the joint efforts of the entire industry chain, supporting manufacturers and more car companies to strengthen mutual cooperation, and the government will give certain support policies.

With the advent of the 5G era, the requirements for the raw materials, technology, speed and frequency of connectors are very high. "At present, we are still relatively confident." After years of development, Kangdao New Energy Connector is confident to have some organic interactions with its peers in the next competition. In the next ten or twenty years, or even longer, Kangdao New Energy Connector will insist on the connector and make the industry more detailed, specialized and deeper.


RJ45,Aviation plug connector, high voltage wiring harness,Deep sea underwater aerial plug connector

Introducing new equipment to help new energy - the company's first batch of high-voltage wire harness production equipment was successfully debugged

On September 28, 2021, Yunwanguang-Cldconn introduced 2 new energy high-voltage line production and testing equipment. It is mainly used in the production of high-voltage wiring harnesses of new energy vehicles, battery packs, energy storage, wind power, hydrogen energy and other new energy sources.



One article to understand the connector industry

A connector generally refers to an electromechanical element that connects a conductor (wire) with an appropriate mating element to realize current or signal connection and disconnection. Widely used in aerospace, communications and data transmission, new energy vehicles, rail transit, consumer electronics, medical and other fields.



Good News: Warm congratulations to our company for winning the IATF

In March 2021, our company successfully passed the IATF16949:2016 quality system certification!



Connector Terminal Design Considerations

Terminal Design: Common terminal designs include contact parts, cantilevers, barbs, solder feet, and strip and plating designs. Contact part design, general contact methods are surface, line, point three contact methods.



Industry Trends in Board-to-Board Connectors

Board-to-board connectors are currently the connector products with the strongest transmission capacity among all connector product types. They are mainly used in power systems, communication networks, financial manufacturing, elevators, industrial automation, medical equipment, office equipment, home appliances, military manufacturing, etc. industry.



The impact of the arrival of new energy vehicles on connectors I

The state vigorously promotes the development of the new energy vehicle industry, and Kangdao New Energy Connector has taken a fancy to this new connector in advance.