J599 Series Fiber Optic Connectors


Optical fiber waterproof aerial plug


Detailed Introduction

Product Description

●Compliant with GJB599A (MIL-DTL-38999) Ⅲ series interface

●The connector is made of 316L or aluminum alloy material, with low connector loss and high reliability

●Three-thread quick connection with anti-loosening mechanism

●The connector has low loss and high reliability; it has the characteristics of waterproof, dustproof, corrosion resistance, etc.

●Using ceramic pins and sleeves to achieve precise butt joint of contacts

●A variety of tail variations are available

●There is an adapter socket (optional hermetic seal) form, get rid of the shackles of the optical cable

Main Specifications

●Insertion loss: ≤0.6dB (4 cores), ≤1.0dB (8 cores, 12 cores, 24 cores)

●Working temperature: -55℃~+80℃ (depending on the optical cable used)

●Vibration: 10Hz~2000Hz, acceleration: 147 ??/??²

●Shock: 980 ??/??²

●Mechanical life: 500 times

● Tensile force: ≥720N (multi-core cable)


● Aviation





●Optical fiber communication system required by harsh environment